29 Apr 2013

MTG Dragons Maze League

The Dragon's Maze league will last for 5 weeks and will be played at Kids Dreams in Shoreham, at the end of which players that score enough points will get a promo token...

To start the event each player will get a Dragon's maze guild pack containing 4 Dragons Maze boosters, a Ravnica Guild Pack and a Gatecrash Guild Pack. They will choose a guild to represent during the league and get a pin badge for that guild. They will then build a 40 card minimum deck and play against each other in a three matches per week to get points for their guild which will progress them through the maze. When a guild gets all the way through the maze they will receive the promo token!

Players will get a league card, which they will get a sticker for each game they win. When a player completes the card they will get a prize booster.

Each week players will be allowed to purchase additional boosters from any of the sets in the Ravnica block (depending on what is available) to improve their deck. 

To join the league will cost £20 and places can be booked now (especially if you want a particular guild pack)


  1. When are (or can) the games be played? Is it a particular night?

  2. Will we have restarted this on Tuesday nights, but made it block constructed!