23 Apr 2013

This Sunday's Gameday

The Sunday its Gambit Gameday, as usual we will be a the Scout Hut in Vale Park for a full day of gaming starting at 10am and running all day until 10pm.

Here are a few of the things planned ....

Firstly its the MTG Dragon's Maze Prerelease weekend so starting at 10am will be an event that is open to 36 players, for more details on this have a look at : http://gambitgamesuk.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/dragons-maze_22.html. This event is very popular and is likely to sell out so if your interested contact us soon.

This will finish at about 4:30pm and will be followed by a Intro Deck battle which will be open to upto 10 players and will allow you to purchase and play with one of the new Intro Decks a week before they are release!

In the evening there will be a draft to finish the prerelease weekend which will start at about 7pm and should be all finished for about 9:30pm. This event will cost £10 and can be booked in advance.

The guys from Brighton Heroclix will be spending the day demonstrating this exciting system. They have got some prepared team ready to use, so if you have ever thought of giving this game  go then now could be the time, see : http://gambitgamesuk.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/hero-clix-demos.html

Black Box will be there as well with some samples of the new Elves vs Lizardmen for players to have a look at as well as offering the chance for anyone that has not played the game before the chance to learn the rules. They will hopefully be there for the day and get the chance to join in some of the other games on offer!

There will of course be other tables for you to use set up for 40K, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, War Machine to name just a few. In fact if you want a game of almost anything then I am sure there will be someone willing to give it a go!

Food will be on sale as normal, but with such a big attendance expected for the prerelease then it would be a good idea to book your food when you get there, here is the menu in case you don't know what we offer...

If anyone want to arrange a particular game then our facebook page it probably the best place, if we know before hand then we will try and layout the table ready for you.

Barry and Michael and Swifty and Aaron will hopefully get some time to play their games for the blood bowl league. There is still time for players to join in with this league if they get teams sorted for the weekend!

Hopefully see you all for what should be another great weekend!

Gary of Team Gambit

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