18 Jun 2013

The Unexpected Draft!

The unexpected has happen .... I have a box of Modern Masters that I can Draft tonight at the Gambit Games Skirmish Tuesday!

This will be a a three booster draft and will cost £20 per player. Unlike the one last week and the one arranged for tomorrow night at the end of this event you will take home the cards that you pick!

There is only space for 8 players so it will have to be first come first served! So far I have Alex, Michael P and Michael leaving just 5 spaces - so let me know ASAP!!

The will be another week of the league for those that do wish to play in the MM draft and although Selesnya have made it to Maze's End their is plenty of time for the other guilds to progress toward the target!

We will also be playing some Judge Dredd with the hope in a few weeks to start a campaign. At the moment we are still getting used to the rules so there is plenty of time to learn this new system!

Finally Andy is arranging some games of War Machine so if you have not played before then tonight could be your chance!

Gary of Team Gambit

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