20 Jul 2013

Whats Next?

Recently we've had events, tournaments, demo games... coming out of our Aether infused ear holes, but with the recent MTG prerelease and the Steam Roller War Machine Tournament in our rear view, what do the next few weeks hold?

Oooo events!!

So Lords of War at the end of the month? How many of us have played LOW? Do we completely know what it is? Well fortunatly you don't have to read lots of text from me, instead the creators of LOW have produced some videos to guide us through the rules set. From the bare basics to ranged combat and tactics. Here are some bits to get you started.

An introduction to Lords of War 


Starting a game


Support Units


Ranged Units Part 1 and Part 2 


I hope those video's have provided enough information about the game to get you excited. In my experience of the game, it's really straight foreward to play and simple to get to grips with, but a very hard game to master. More on Lords of War and our preposed tournament in the coming days, if anyone would like to know morein the mean time or possibly a game then head along to Kids Dreams on Shoreham High Street, where Gary has some demo packs and will happily show you the ropes.

I've been Olly for GGUK