2 Aug 2013

Tonight's FNM

This week is the first FNM of August and as such it is of course STANDARD. It also means that we have a new FNM card which is will be ....

The art for this card is pretty cool and remember the first two players will get this card along with two other players chosen by the organiser! We aim to start as close to 6:15pm as possible although players can join in later rounds if they want to.

Just a quick note on being late for a round - a number of times in the last few weeks players have been late for a round as they have popped out for food this can cause delays to the event so as a reminder ....

"players have 5 minutes to get to there table to start their match, if they fail to do so then their opponent will get an automatic 2-0 victory!"

If you are going out of the building please let me know so I can check how long is left on the round! Remember that when all matches are finished the next round can be started so if I don't know your not there the round may be started without you!

For a full event list for August (including the two Game Days) see

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