3 Sep 2013

Gambit Sunday

Unfortunately I did not get to hang around for long at the last Gambit Sunday but from the pictures it looks like it was a good day!

 Bolt Action featured strongly and is rapidly becoming the game of choice for many of our regulars.

 As always MTG was played throughout the day ...

and this month we saw the final game for this round of the blood bowl league being played, with Swifty's Small Order winning 4-1 (although the Sewer Skanks may well claim the touchdown of the series!)

The next round will now start with Barry playing Gary, Swifty playing Michael and Aaron playing Rob. The scores are currently (remember only the top four will play off for the title of champion 2013)

 This month we also had a few new games in Dreadfleet and Grind

The HeroClix guys were back as well playing the first of the Fear Itself events

As for the rest it was a combination of old favourites such as War Machine, 40K, Zombicide and many other board games.

If you attended then thanks for making it a great day, if you missed it hopefully see you at the next one!!!

Gary of Team Gambit

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