27 Sep 2013

Launch Party Weekend

This weekend's events will start with the release of Theros. The FNM will be the first chance for players to use their Theros cards in standard decks.

We will be running both a standard event which will cost £2 as normal and a Theros draft which will cost £12. Both events will start at 6:15pm and the top two players will both get a promo 'Experiment One'.

On Saturday from 11am, we will be running a second draft, same as before.
On Sunday at 'Gambit Sunday' from midday, we will be running a sealed deck event (6 normal Theros boosters) for £20.

As it is the launch weekend everyone that takes part in any of these events will receive a foil, promotional, alternate art Bident of Thassa.

There will be a poster at the back of the shop which is a visual puzzle, that any who solve will receive a gift from the gods.

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