11 Sep 2013

Warhammer 40,000 - New Life ?

Hi all,
Colin here - and after a good hard read of the new codex, I thought I would offer some food for thought ...

The 40K game is struggling. My opinion and that of others. It's latest edition ruleset created some rather uncomfortable views and rules that we just flat out don't like. With the new codexes coming on stream, we also have to recognise that the older codexes are very outclassed. This all takes away from the experience. Coupled with the growing school of thought about increasing GW prices (Dire Avengers - really???) Lots of us aren't playing as much. 

And Bolt Action is REALLY Good .. :)

With the release of the latest Space Marine Codex, there is an opportunity here for GW to pull their train back on track. Most EVERYONE has a space marine army, and this new codex - if it is Grrreattt will bring a lot of us back to the table, and Might - just might bring us back to a semi regular gaming level for WH40K.

So, does it work?

Well - errr for me at least and it seems a lot of people in the internet-geek land ... YES!

It reads really well, it has new fluff and has toned down the Smurf agenda, whilst making them a serious contender for first choice . The rules are modernised and the Chapter Tactics really bring a new feel to the army.

Personally, I have even rewritten my Salamander list - wow :-) And that brings me to my last point.

Their online rulebooks are a seriously good idea for us, we are all moving into a technical age and tablets are becoming two a penny. You can pick up a good Android table for £100 brand new these days. I normally "acquire" static e-books and they work fine. I bought the "enhanced" Space Marine IPAD only e-book and it is REALLY GOOD. Each army list entry for example contains the special rules AND their explanation in the section. Touch Zealot for example and you are given the rules - Fearless and Hatred, AND their full explanation. Cant remember the stats of the graviton gun - one touch and hey presto. Want to skim the entire psychic powers list - no problem.  Lovely, Lovely.  It was a flawed launch as they tried to launch an "Army Builder" - which fizzled badly and they have pulled the book temporarily to fix that - roflstomp :)

Still the new enhanced codexes are really , really good - BUT £35 for a book without paper?? Seriously GW?  This is what mature programming costs??

Hmf , still miffed :)

Cheers - hope this generated food for thought.



  1. Nice post Colin. I've been away from 40k for some time and whilst I've always had a healthy regard for other gaming systems, my love for 40k and all things GW in general, has reached an all time low. Your spot on when you say that everyone's had a marine army somewhere down the line, and having seen the new codex I'm (mildly) tempted to re-ignite some Mortifactor lovin'... I ham however more keen to get my Brit Paras painted and onto the battle field ;)

  2. mmmm....ham...

  3. I have to admit my GW love is at a bit of a low too. I am however loving a lot of the new models, although some of the prices are a bit harsh but you can't argue with the quality and compared to any other manufacturer they are still the best.

    One thing that I think has crushed the game - and this maybe controversial - is the tournament scene and the Internet. Gone are the days of discovering the joy and strength of an army, now you just log in to get the latest killer army. Then everyone uses it. This is why I don't really tournaments anymore.

    About 10 years ago (maybe more) I got the latest Eldar book and started an army, it took me months to get to grips with it, playing out various things etc until I discovered how to win with it. The other issue with the game at the moment is the balance of certain armies, now someone puts down three Riptides and I know that I can't win. I want to play a game where I know I at least stand a chance because I am fairly good at the game and not just because someone has got three Riptides.

    I am loving Warmachine at the moment, internally well balanced and no game is ever alike. I really want to love 40K again but I have to admit I am struggling with it and I haven't played Fantasy in a year maybe. I love playing the game, win or lose I don't mind but what I do mind is putting models on the table and then not even being involved in the game, whats the point of that?

  4. I have also been off 40K for a while other smaller games that I play whilst running the young guns club. The Space Marine Codex doen't help my return to the game much and neither did the Eldar codex at first glance - thought it was along the same lines as the Riptide list! However having spent a few weeks now reading through the Eldar codex and I can't remember the last time I really read a codex, there are a few nice touches and I am actually looking forward to have a proper game with it at some point! Nice article Colin and an interesting discussion!

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