25 Oct 2013

This Weeks FNM

Tonight's FNM is Legacy which will cost £2 to play and will start at 6:15pm. We will also run a Standard event if there is enough interest. I will need 8 players for each event. (If there are only enough players for one event that event will be legacy!)

This week there is again a lack of Theros boosters so we are selling M14 and Return to Ravnica.

The Hydra deck is released today and is on sale for £9.99, there are only a few of these left in stock (those who pre-ordered this product - yours are ready for collection!)

There will be a Hydra challenge this weekend at Gambit Sunday - details to be posed later!

Next week the commander decks are being released, we have a limited allocation of these and they are likely to sell out fast (several have already gone to pre-order) - if you want one and do not want to be disappointed - please order and pay for one soon!

The 15th sees the release of this years holiday gift box - last year these went very fast and will again be on a limited release. They will be the same price as last year - so again if you want one please order it soon!

Hopefully see you all tonight!

Gary of Team Gambit Games

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