28 Jun 2014

Gaming Sunday

This weekend its Gambit Sunday and as normal there will be a full day of gaming!

Nothing special planned for this weekend but there is sure to be quite a bit of casual play which usually includes commander. I have got a small amount of Conspiracy boosters left I might be able to do a 4 or 6 player draft (the cost would be £10 on top of the usual gambit entry price)

This week I am looking for 4 players to continue with the play testing of our new campaign system for Lords of War - we have been doing it for the last few Tuesdays and need to make the final tests before introducing it as a format to the team at Black Box and the start of our monthly LOW events on Fridays at the Royal George!

There are also likely to be a few new games being played as I know several people went up to Expo a few weeks back and picked up some new toys. I have given Kevin the game IPA to have a look at and will be posting something about that on the KD Games blog a bit later today! We really need 4 players who are willing to give this a try and let us know what it is like. This is something that we have been asked to do by the game designer - so honest feedback please.
Nick from Black Box is due to pop along with the demo version of his new Polar Bear game and we will be looking for some players young and old to give this a go. This is very much in its infancy and he would welcome any comments good or bad before the game design is finalised.

There will co course be the usual Bolt Action, War Machine, Hero Clix, 40K and much much more!

Food will be available all day as usual...

Lastly, but by no means least we be selling tickets for ...

We are now in a position to confirm that the first 50 tickets sold will get a goody bag on the day of the event, more details of which will be given in the coming weeks! These tickets are still priced at just £7.50 and tournaments are at £2.50. These prices only last until the end of June so please NOW!

If anyone wants to arrange to play anything this Sunday, then our Facebook group is the best place to let people now!

Hope you can join us for a great day of gaming!!!!

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