6 Oct 2014

Lords of War Faction Tournament

Following the tournament we held at this years CONQUEST, we will be holding a Lords of War tournament as part of our games day on Sunday 26th October, starting at 1pm, which means you will have from 10am when the club day starts for other games or a bit of deck building/testing.

The Structure;
  • 3/4 Rounds 
  • 40 min time limit on each round. Once reached players will have 5 turns to finish the game. If no victor is confirmed it will be a draw.
  • Each round best of 1 game 
  • Each round computer generated 
  • Computer will work out the victor at the end based on match wins and various percentages. 

The Rules set we will be using; 

  • Player 1 decided by D6 roll offs
  • We will be using the Lords of War play mat, so as to constrain size and length of games
  • Each game will be won by the first player to kill 20 of the opponents units/characters or the first player to kill 4 of the opponents command units (this includes the general)
  • Deck construction will be restricted too;
One faction (either Orcs, Elves, Lizardmen or Dwarfs)
1 x General
5 x Other Command Units
4 x Special Units  
4 x Elite Units
6 x Veteran Units
8 x Regular Units
8 x Recruit Units
(We will not be using Templars or Undead)
  • Players are allowed to customize their decks an should players want additional card there will be individual army packs for sale on the day)
  • Points will be award as follows;
1 for each unit killed
an additional 1 point it the unit is a commander (not general)
an additional 2 points if the unit is a general
an additional 5 points for winning the game
an additional 1 point if the game is drawn.
  • The winner will be the player with the highest score at the end of the event, not necessarily the most game wins.
As stated kick off will be at 1pm, there is no addtitional charge for this event but there is a prize! The winner will receive a command star and a limited edition foil command card. It should be a lot of fun, hope to see you all there.

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