14 Oct 2014

Will Monsters and Magic change Lords of War?

The short answer is yes. The change is going to be quite a big one actually especially once all three expansions are out.

You can continue to play with the existing Lords of War products and I am sure for some people that will be enough. However for the majority I think once you have seen the new creature types you simply won't go back.

The first change is the deck size we go from the current 36 card deck to a 54 card deck which will of course change the breakdown of unit types. (which I will talk about in another article)

The hand size also changes from 6 cards to 7, which will give you a little more option when choosing which card to play.

The biggest change however is the victory conditions, you now need to kill 30 units of 6 command cards to win. It actually makes the win by command much harder to achieve so is likely to have a big impact on tournament games.

So that is the technical change but the one people really want to know about is the new creature types, so lets start off with...

Monstrous Creature.

Monstrous Units bring a whole new level of strategic thinking to Lords of War. Not only can they all move which is a pretty impressive skill to have but, as you can see form the number in red on a black circle next to the shield value, they also have a monstrous defence value.

So what is a monstrous defence? Well is means that no attack arrow which deals EQUAL OR LESS THAN a monstrous unit's monstrous defence can damage it.

Weaker units might be able to engage them but your heavy damage units will be needed to actually eliminate them.

Strategically this changes things a lot. Do you commit high hitting cards early or wait until these beasts hit the battlefield? If you do will you allow your enemy to build up to quickly, if you don't will you still be able to kill the monsters that you know will come in the end?

For a game that can already be quite tense this could really put you on the edge of you seat.

I will have a look at flying units and possibly the most exciting cards, magic casters tomorrow in the mean time why not have a look at the kickstarter and back it at what ever level you can afford.

Taken from the KD Games blogsite by Gary Cambell-Smith

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