22 Jan 2015

Gambit Sunday

It seems to have come around mighty quick but this weekend its Gambit Sunday and as normal there will be a full day of gaming!

This is the first club day of the year and we have a new committee...

Barry Holden Barry
Nic Lewis Nick 

Ashley Dean Gurr Ashley
Olly James Olly


Gary Cambell-Smith Gary
and Andy (Sorry could not find picture!)

It also means that for those of you that pay your subs annually, the payment will be due this month. It will be £40 for the year as normal which is a saving of £8 (assuming you come to every month).

Here are a few of the things that you can expect this month...

This weekend we are planning our very first Dice Masters tournament with some great prizes. More details on this can be found at : http://kidsdreamsgames.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/dice-masters-organised-play.html
As yet I have not fixed a time for this event - it will depend on the amount of interest during the day. In fact I have enough prize support to be able to run more than one event if we have enough players.

Andy is going to be demonstrating Monsterpocalypse so if you fancy a game let him know either on the day or through facebook.

Barry and Michael are going to have some games of Dropzone Commander which has been very popular over the last few game days, if you have not had a chance to play this great game then speak to one of them on the day and I am sure they will be happy to give you a demo game!

We have not planned for a Lords of War event this weekend but depending on number of players that are interested I would very much like to award our first command star of the year - so anyone that is interested in playing a draft or 'schloss' event should let me know on the day and if there is enough interest we will get something organised for the afternoon/evening!

Star Realms has gone from strength to strength and as there are quite a few players it will be great to see if we can have some large multiplayer games. If your interested please let us know.

I will also be continuing with the play testing of Polar Panic, including some of the ideas for the new control deck, anyone wanting a game should ask Olly, Lily or myself and we will be happy to show you what is a very simple game to learn.

Brighton Heroclix will be there in the afternoon, and there are already games of X-Wing, Bolt Action and War Machine being arranged through social media.

There will be of course the usual multitude of games available throughout the day, so what ever you play you bound to get a chance to play!

Food will be available throughout the day ...

If anyone wants to arrange to play anything this Sunday, then our facebook group is the best place to let people now!

Hope you can join us for a great day of gaming!!!!

Gary of Team Gambit

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