12 Feb 2015

Board Game Day

Last weekend we were at Gambit Games first ever board game event, and had the chance to play some really great board games. To help with people that are thinking of buying one of these games we have introduced the 'GAMBIT SCORE' which is a rating out of 5 for how good a game is.

The score for each game will constantly evolve as we get more feedback from games that are played at the club. Anyone that has played the game is welcome to give us feedback on it and we will add it to the score.

These are some of the best games played on the day and the scores that they achieved from those present, first up our top three...

The scores obviously represent the players that were there on the day and you are welcome to submit your own scores - this can be done at any of our events and soon you will be able to do it on line. Once the online system is set up we should be able to build a very comprehensive scoring system for a wide range of games.

The rest of the top ten games looked like this ...

 Cards Against Humanity 3.9
 Settlers of Catan 3.8
 Kingdom Builder 3.7
 Space Hulk 3.4
7 Wonders 3.3
8 Minute Empire 3.1
Escape 3

A big thank you to everyone that attended the day and for completing the feedback on each game, I hope you had as much fun as I did, and see you at the next one. Remember it is Gambit Games Sunday in a couple of weeks.

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