25 Nov 2015

KD Games at Gambit Sunday

This weekend it is Gambit Sunday and we will again be there with a range of stock and demo games for people to have a go at.

This month I will be bringing demo copies of ...

Ticket to Ride UK and Pennsylvania Expansion
Firefly Shiny Dice
Seven Wonders
Bang the Dice Game
The Train Game
Lord of the Fries
8 Minute Empire - Legendary Edition
Game of Thrones - Second Edition LCG
Warhammer Conquest - LCG

Please let me know if you want to play any of these great games. I will also be bringing along 'Cash and Guns' which is a really fun group game. If you have never played then have a look at this video which goes over the rules (which are pretty easy)...

I have a limited amount of this game to sell but I am offering a limited edition 'Fast Gun' card and foam uzi for the first three purchases.

Last month as the attendance was lower than usual we did not run the planned Seven Wonders competition game. This means that the playmat is still up for grabs along with some other promotional items.

As normal I will be bringing some Pokemon and MTG decks as well as some Dice Master teams for anyone that wants a game.

Finally I will be hoping to get some games of 'Thin Ice' in at some point as it may be the last chance for play testing before the kick starter next year.

If there is anything that you want me to bring from the shop please let me know in advance as there is only so much I can get into the car.

Hopefully see you all this weekend.

Gary of Team Gambit and KD Games

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