29 Apr 2016

Gambit Sunday

This Sunday it is Gambit Sunday and KD Games will be there as usual. This month we have a few trading card events to run...

First up MTG and its 'Shadows Over Innistrad' Gameday!

Gameday is a Standard Event and will start at 1pm. It will consist of a number of swiss rounds depeneding on the amount of players that attend. There is no additional cost for this event.
The winner will get a really cool playmat and the top 8 players will get some amazing full art foil promo cards to take home with them.

Regardless on how you do everyone will get a participation full art promo card.

Next up it is Pokemon Prerelease!

This event is a SEALED event and every player will get 6 boosters from the new Pokemon set due for release next weekend 'Fates Collide'. There is an additional charge for the event of £20. Players will make 40 card decks from the boosters they open and play in a number of swiss rounds to find the event winner. Every player will get an extra 2 boosters when the event is over and the winner will get an extra one!

Then there is Cardfight Vanguard!

Cardfight Vanguard has been growing at Gambit Games this year and we will be running another event this weekend. As usual it will be in the evening and will start at 6pm. This time it will be a best of three timed event with rounds of 50 minutes. There will be a maximum of 3 rounds for this event and should finish no later than PM.

Finally there will be Net Runner!

Someone will be going home with a playmat. Even if there are only 2 players for this event the playmat will be handed out this weekend. It has been talked about for a number of events now and with more kits on the way these one really needs to be won! We will be planning on running this event in the evening form about 7pm. If anyone is interested in playing and does not know the rules we may be able to sort something out during the day.

As usual we will be there all day with a number of items on sale. If there is something you particually want then please let me know beforehand and I will make sure I put it in the car!

See you Sunday!

Gary of KD Games and Gambit Games

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