30 Jul 2016

Gambit Sunday

Tomorrow is Gambit Sunday and we will again be at the Sea Scout Hut in Shoreham. KD games will be there with a selection of our latest games and TCG's. Remember if you want me to bring something in particular please let me know today.

As far as what is planned for tomorrow, I am hoping to do a draft event for Force of Will. If you fancy joining in then please let me know. Equally if you would like to learn this game I am more than happy to teach it and I will have some demo decks that you can try.

13 - NN4g2pv

I think that there is also some Net Runner planned for tomorrow, with a few new players hoping to get there first games in.

I am hoping to play some D&D Attack Wing as it has been a while since I played and I would very much like to get a win for a change!

Lastly we will be looking at setting something up for TANKS. I have got hold of an OP kit for it and it look pretty cool. I will be seeing what the interest is like and hopefully have a first try of what should be a really fun game to play.

There will of course be lots of different games being played, the usual ones are MTG, Bolt Action, Malifaux, X-Wing, Pokemon, Vanguard, War Machine and loads of different board games. 

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Gary of KD GAMES and Team Gambit.

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