5 Oct 2006

Hello and welcome.

This is the Gambit Games UK blog. What and who are we you may ask yourself? (Unless you are a member of Gambit Games UK (probably the only people reading this) in which case you already know).

We are a group of people that like to play table top war games, but, (and this is a fairly important but) we are not by any means of the geeky stereotype that has just popped (dear reader) into your head………… well maybe a little.

What is this blog going to be about? I hear you ask, well I’m not sure to be honest, mainly an outlet for me (Gareth – the Gambitmeister) to vent whatever requires venting at the time.

So how did it all start? Well myself and Barry the two founding members of Gambit Games UK were thrust together in year of our lord 1995 (I think); when I went to work at a DIY store in the town we now live in. We were both in the hobby at the time and basically became friends because we had no one else to play with and in Barry’s case because he had no friends what-so-ever. That’s actually it…….. really. I was going to make it more interesting but it isn’t.

Each year there is a big convention (Games Day) of like minded people that play these games. Barry and I would attend every year as paying customers. But we eventually got bored of just turning up, we wanted to be involved so in 2001 (I think) we applied to actually run games at the exhibition, in order to do this we had to be a registered club and thus Gambit Games UK was born.

We both like to play….and after a while we needed more of a challenge than just the friendly games we were playing at home, so we decided to play in proper tournaments (seriously they have tournaments for this kind of thing). It was at the first tournament that we met Paul and Phil. We played them in our last game on day one of the event (if memory serves) and just became friends straight away, they shared our healthy attitude for the game and when I say the game I mean the game. Not the winning, not who is the best but for the total and pure enjoyment of the experience that is the game. They also stayed in the bar with us for the rest of the night getting ridiculously drunk. But I digress, Paul and Phil became good mates and we met up at the same tournaments every year, so we asked them to be a part of the club and they agreed. Our club is fairly small but we are on the increase, and there is Gambit presence at nearly 50% of official Games Workshop tournaments and this will increase this year with the whole club embarking on the Tale of a Thousand Gamers quest (more in later blogs).

We have a website (http://www.gambitgames.co.uk/), the vision for this was to put all our army material, pictures and tactical articles on, but it turned out to be more work than anticipated so it is pretty much just pictures of us getting drunk at tournaments.

The main aim of this blog is for us to whiter on about games stuff, also just to get another Gambit Games UK presence on the Internet.

LaKIR -------- this is an acronym I just invented for Laters and Keep It Real (a slogan mainly used by Paul)


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