16 Oct 2006

Well Gareth I have now managed to log on now, well I am currently reviewing how my Lizards did not cope with the Orcs & Goblins at all well under their new rules, however I have found the Orcs & Goblins to be the Lizards bogus army.

They don't seem to be able to cope with the many parts of the Goblin list as they have the ability to have many units. This means its difficult to focus on any one area of the army and try to neutralise it.

Also in the practise games of the 7th edition it was evident that the new mechanics of the game have certainly stabilised the Goblin list, however it doesn't help when your unit of 8 saurus cavarly roll triple 6 on their leaqdership and then run off the board without even scratching a hair on the goblins skin.

That said I will be looking forward to trying out different lists to try and get round their artillery and the stabilisation of the new list.



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