19 Oct 2006

ToaTG – the first fight.

Tonight Baz and I are playing 40K; it will be the first game with our ToaTG armies. ToaTG is “Tale of a Thousand Gamers”. One drunken night in Bugmans Bar the Gambit crew decided to do this thing, based on the Tale Of Four Gamers articles that have appeared I White Dwarf over the last few years. But there were loads of us – hence the “Thousand”.

We start with £70 and then every two months we get £35 to build a UKGT legal 1500pt 40K army. We are coming up to our third instalment and therefore have enough models to make an army – in my case I am not sure it will be a tactically good army as I haven’t yet bought the units that the army tactics are based on, but it should be a fun anyway.

I went for Marines and Baz has done Daemon Hunters so it should be an interesting game.

I did consider this as an opportunity to go for an extreme army like Ravenwing or something like that, but after due consideration I thought a bog standard Marine army would be the best. Extreme armies cost more, and with our financial limits I would not have been able to buy a Ravenwing army. I have tried to spend lots of time painting it and adding little conversions here and there, but the rules we came up with were that each purchase had to be painted before the next (even though I appear to be the only one sticking to that) so some bits have been rushed a little as other things have jumped the queue for an impeding tournament or other such event.

I think the army I have built will be good when it reaches its 1500pts, although I do fear Paul’s Nids, all those Rending beasties filling up the table. I think it should be able to give most armies a good fight, and I like all the models in the army which is a must for me.

Not sure what’s coming in Baz’s Daemon Hunters, it could be small but with hard hitting Grey Knights or it could be lots of inducted Imperial Guard and Stormtroopers. The one thing I am banking on is their renowned lack of Tank killing gear so I am hoping my Vindicator can make a dent, especially if there is a horde element.

Will report back tomorrow.


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