15 Jan 2007

Doubles action

Well the Gambit Crew are back from the doubles and results we pretty average. Average in as much as Phil and Rob did well (6th) with Baz and Gareth doing rubbish (73rd). So when you average it out that isn’t bad.

Not sure where Baz and I went wrong, I think our Army was sound and the way we played was ok, there were a couple of games where some dice roles went against us but nothing crazy. So this brings me to the point of army building.

You can look at some lists and you know that they will do well; you look at others and think they won’t. Looking at the list of the winners of the doubles their list doesn’t look too hard: -

Eldrad Avatar 8 Harlequins + kisses + death Jester Wraithlord + Star C+ Shur C 1 Vyper 2x Shur C 3 Guardians on Jetbike + 1Shur C 5 Pathfinders 1 War Walker 2 x Shur C

The Avatar could be tricky and so could the Wraithlord, but nothing else looks that hard.

Looking at the point of our list the Wraithlord could be taken out with Assault cannons, the Harlequins are pretty easy to take out with mobile shooting if you move right, one Warwalker should be no trouble, the same with the Vyper and Bikes yet it won all seven games.

This brings me to the conclusion that I am just rubbish at playing the game.

“without the bitter baby, the sweet just isn’t as sweet. I am Frank and Frank must go”.

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