8 Jan 2007

Tis all over…..

The decorations have come down, the waste size has gone up and it is all over. Christmas has come and gone and it is time to concentrate on a new year of gaming. So what’s in store for the Gambit crew this year? Well on Friday we head for the WH40K doubles, Gareth and Barry are teaming up as usual with an army of the Emperors finest (although we are still painting them), and Phil and Rob are heading to the tourney with a Nid monster list. Should be an interesting tourney and our hopes are for both teams to be on the top tables.

Not long after that there is the Bloodbowl, which should see a strong Gambit presence, and then it will be the Warhammer Doubles. Somewhere in there we will be finishing the ToaTG’ers project with a tournament of our own in either Nottingham or Brighton. We may even squeeze in a 40K GT to try out our creations. And if that wasn’t enough we will be doing GamesDay as usual with hopefully participation games of Aeronautica Imperialis and Lord of the Rings. The Brighton based members will also be squeezing in some local tournaments in our favourite gaming arena of the King and Queen public house. So all-in-all 2007 is set to be more packed than 2006 was. How do we do it?

So what’s happening right at this moment in time? Well, I am busy trying to put the finishing touches to my half of the WH40K doubles army, this year we are going with Space Marines, something solid and stable. Last year we went with an unusual and somewhat conceptual Lost and the Damned army and to be brutally honest….. it got slaughtered. Both myself and Baz have been meaning to do Space Marines for a while and with the release of the latest codex and the Black Templars codex the time to do an army was now. We have gone for a pretty aggressive list, with Bikes, Rhino Mounted Marines, and also a Drop Pod Squad as well as support units in the form of Speeder, Dread and Pred all led by a Bike Mounted Chaplin. It is a fairly small army but if the firepower is concentrated correctly then it should be able to wipe out whole squads whilst avoiding heavy losses. Well that’s the plan anyway.

Will let you know how we get on next week.


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