5 Mar 2007

the Chaplin Cometh

Hello – I haven’t blogged for a while so I thought I would waffle on a bit about the ToaTG’ers project.
I had everything planned, the army designed and everything thought out. Had painted some lovely models AND NOW I WANT TO CHANGE IT……..

Had a game last night against Baz and it went really well, the army did what it was supposed to. The one big let down was the Librarian. The big plan with the librarian was to ride his bike into the middle of the other guy’s army and do a Fear of Darkness and they would all run away and it has never worked. In the three games I have used him it has never worked. I know its only three games, but this was three games against armies where it could do some damage (e.g. Guard). There are armies that it will be useless against, things with lots of fearless units and also Nids. So to be honest I am not sure it is worth the points, and it may have to be dropped. So I need a plan for a new commander and he comes in the shape of a Chaplin. Baz and I used a Chaplin in the doubles and he worked ok but he just wasn’t tooled enough so I am not going to make this mistake ok and he is going to be tooled up to the max.

The other reason I am taking him is because I don’t have that one really hard hitting monster unit that can take a game and I think the Chaplin in the bike unit could be it. I thought about giving him a jump pack and letting him roam around the board at will, but the bike gives him the extra toughness and mobility with a turbo boost move. Now I have a model of a Chaplin on a bike, but I want to give him a Thunder Hammer so I will need to do a new model….. (I have so many HQ models now, in various different configurations that I have more of them than tactical marines).

But as he is tooled something is going to have to drop from the army. What I think I can do is drop one of the bikes from the bike squad and then take one of the attack bikes and add it along with the Chaplin. So this will give me a 5 man squad, but I lose the attack bike squad. I think I will then try and give the attack bike a multi-melta. Not sure what this leaves me points wise at the moment, but it might be enough to get another speeder, I was hoping for enough for a dreadnought, but I don’t think it will be.

So after all these changes I think I will be finally settled. The army won’t be as big as I would like but I think it is pretty hard hitting if the units concentrate on hitting things en masse. I also think I have a character that is capable of taking on the MC’s of Paul’s Nid list. Yes Paul I am worried about them, there isn’t a lot that can take them out, but I think this Chaplin is the man.

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