19 Mar 2007

Highs and lows

Well it’s been a weekend of highs and lows on the gaming front this weekend. The high was that I beat Paul’s ToaTG’ers Nid list with my Marines. It’s no secret that I don’t like Nids so to get the win was excellent.

Pretty much all of my units performed as they should – the supper Scouts kept up their form and dispatched a couple of charging nid units in hand-to-hand combat, the terminators did their job and the Librarian was a whisker away from dispatching the Hive Tyrant, all he had to do was pass a LD test on a 10, but promptly rolled an 11. But that was the only model left at the end of the game so I can’t complain. I think I have finally decided the list now and that game really helped, every unit did its job and nothing went down in flames without contributing something. So I think I finally have it.

The low of the weekend was how my Ogres performed in our trial Warhammer Doubles army games. They basically got mashed by everything. My idea was to use units of 3 Ogres but if they got charged (which they seemed to on a regular basis) they just got thrashed. They would lose a model and then not have enough attacks to hit back, they would lose combat and generally leg it. The Brets did ok, but I am concerned that we don’t have any shooting or magic. I wonder if relying on the charge and hit tactic just isn’t going to work. I have had a few ideas on how to improve it, this comes in the form of adding lots of Gnoblars to shield the Ogres across the board. I would also switch the units to four strong, but they will sill run away if they lose one model, so the question is – more hitting power when you reach the enemy or more units so that if one flees you still have some force left?

I want to take the Ogres, but I have a feeling they will just get destroyed, I don’t want to particularly get another force and then paint it, but the idea of Wood Elves or some Empire which would allow us some shooting to backup the Brets does appeal.

So I am back at the eternal place I seem to be and trying to figure out the answer to the eternal question – what to bloody take.


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