18 May 2007

Blood Bowl-a-mungus

Alright – I haven’t reported lately and as it’s a quiet day in the office I thought I would jot something down. So what’s occurring? Elaine and I have just come back from the BloodBowl GT, it was very good this year and the atmosphere seemed more relaxed and fun. The only complaint I have is the scoring system, it rewards big wins rather than a win and then structuring those on the same points by some other factor. I finished 80th with three wins and three loses that’s a 50% spilt and I am way down the table because my wins were small ones. There will be people higher in the table with less wins, but those wins would have been bigger, how can this be right? Elaine came in 103rd with two wins and four loses. I had six really good games with some horrendous luck in some and amazing luck in others, it was defiantly a tournament of extremes. I think my team was ok and I don’t think I would change it. Having three catchers worked well again and I really like having the three, one more re-roll would be nice but not at the cost of dropping a player. I think I will take the same team next year, or I may try Halflings for a giggle.

Other than that work continues a pace on the army for the Warhammer doubles, I have now finished the Knights and I am really pleased with them, I think they look great. I have converted the standard knights into inner circle Middenheim Knights; they use Great Weapons instead of Lance and or a bit wild looking. I have changed all the weapons to big Hammers and used the new Empire General Box for some great bits to make them look really cool. I have nearly finished the Steam Tank and again, if I do say so myself, it is looking really good. It is a lovely model and will make a good centre piece for the army. All I have left to do is the Wizard and one model for the Handgunners unit which for some reason I haven’t finished and that is the army done, a good five weeks before the tourney which has to be some kind of record.

Next I have to finish the ToaTG’ers painting, just got the Terminators, one Speeder and the Bike unit to do (and a Dev squad that I just remembered). Doesn’t sound much but I am not looking forward to it. After that it is onto Games Day models which also double as my LotR tourney army for 2008. It’s all a bit mad this year.

Next year – no new armies.

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