10 Apr 2007

Whoa…. Stank it baby…!!!!

Have had a couple of games with our new doubles army and I have to say I think it was the right move to change from Ogres to Empire.

Two games have been played and one was a win and the other a draw. The draw was caused due to a couple of failed fear tests against some Tomb Kings (damn those dice). I think it would have been a win if those tests had been made. Both games were pretty bad in the dice rolling dept actually, and Baz (who was the opposition for these games) was rolling some monster dice, so bearing these factors in mind I think the army is pretty good.

We have tested a couple of variations and the only choice left to make is the leader of the Empire. Do we take a wizard or a captain?

The things that are in the list: -

Steam Tank
5 Pistoliers
10 Handgunners
5 Knights (spec dependant on leader).

The Captain didn’t really do a lot; he just flew round and then died. The Wizard also didn’t do much, but he did fry a TK mage and he does give and extra dispel dice.

Also the wizard is cheaper. If we take a captain the Knights are plain Knights with a Musician. If we take the wizard they become Inner Circle Knights with full command. I would also give them Great Weapons, this means they have S5 all the time rather than S6 on the charge and then S4 after. It will be a small unit of Knights and I doubt it will take bigger units out in one go therefore I think the extra strength in later rounds will be better. Also I have a Middenheim theme and the Great Weapons fit with this.

I think the Wizard takes it. I might try a Captain on a horse rather than a peg and then put him with the Knights. But I like the idea of having the Wizard for the potential to have a good killer spell. He is only lvl 1, but with a Staff he can cast spells on 3 dice, this is good.

The Steam Tank is great, in the first game I was too eager with it and tried to use full steam points first turn and promptly rolled a 6 meaning it took a wound and didn’t do anything much for the whole game, although it did spend pretty much the entire game in combat with a unit of Saurus. In the second game I played it right, it charged a unit of 3 Tomb King chariots and totally destroyed them, then it turned round and took out 3 more Tomb King Chariots with a cannon shot. Then it took a Giant and Skellies on in combat and tied them up for the game. It is a pretty hot piece of gear.

The rest of the army did well, the Brets took out units as they do and the Peg riders were fantastic as always. I still need to work on the Pistoliers as in both games they just seemed to take on Skirmishers which is not their best role.

But on the whole we are both pretty please with them. A tweak here and there and we should be sorted.

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