12 Jan 2011

A Real Dog Fight!

Having just finished a two month focus on Wings of War, we had a 'dog fight' of a different kind at last nights games evening. As we are now preparing for a Necromunda campaign several of us played a couple of basic games to get used to the format. The second game was a battle between three rival gangs and a patrol of enforcers, and after only a couple of turns the local law enforcement was on the receiving end of some accurate shooting, resulting in an unlikely last hope ... the Cyber-Mastiff. Having seen its handler killed in the first salvo, it charged for the nearest unlucky ganger, who couldn't aim his heavy stubber in time to prevent the angered hounds vicious assault. After this came several turns of shooting the very tough mastiff, before it eventually failed its save and became a casualty of the game, giving Olly and John's gang the victory!

Other games played last night included Dungeons and Dragons the board game and Magic the Gathering.

Our next games evening is Tuesday 18th, 7pm at Kids Dreams in Hove, contact us if you are interested in attending.

At the next meeting we are planning to continue with Necromunda, as well as games of Magic and 40K.

Gary of Team Gambit


  1. Gareth12:21 pm

    ooh Necromunda.... Will have to knocj up a gang. We going to play it at the Sunday Games Day too?

  2. Anonymous1:04 pm

    How about Mordhiem too?

  3. The aim is to run a campaign over the coming weeks at both the Tuesday amd Sunday clubs.
    Aslong as people are interested that is. After this we hope to do Blood Bowl and then Mordhiem.