11 Jan 2011

A Close Second?

Once again, i get beaten to the punch by my little brother (Grrr)!

Had a conversation with my mate Dan at work earlier about 'beardy (or sometimes cheese-factor 5) lists' and if they're appropriate in our games of Warhammer 40,000. My view is that if they're created, themed and played in the spirit of the army then they're fine. When they're math-hammered and maxed out to the point of becoming un-beatable, that's when it spoils the fun.

Example 1 is this: Vulkan, 10 Thunder Hammer Terminators, 3 Tactical Squads with Melta/Flamer combinations and drop pods, 3 Speeders with Melta/Flamer combos.

I think that this is built in the spirit of the list and is totally the point of Vulkans abilities, improving the effectiveness of the Hammers, Meltas and Flamers. In play it will be devastating against some forces and not touch others.

Example 2 is something like: 2 Daemon Princes with the Lash, Wings and whatever else (that old chestnut...), Beserkers and so on.

The background of Chaos is that Slaanesh and Khorne don't go for coffee that often, so combos like this, for me at least, aren't in the spirit of the 40k story. That being said, they're still codex-legal...

Any thoughts?

Pete of Team Gambit

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  1. Anonymous5:55 pm

    Gareth says -

    I agree to a point. I actually think its difficult to cheese out in 40K now due to the missions system and that is the best things that has happened to 40K in ages.

    I like to play fluffy armies... but my new daemon amry does contain a Bloodthirster and Fateweaver, which according to the old fluff is bad, and I agree. But given the options in that codex if you built a fluffy army it wouldn't be very good. I have an all Nurgle army (fluffy)and I love it but it does get a little dull to play all the time and isn't that competitive, but I don't mind that because I like the army. But in order to have something that is a change and more likely to do well (with a little skill) you have to go against the fluff sometimes. What I used to hate was things like Nidzilla lists where there was just no point in playing, but with the addition of the missions system those kinds of armies are not as bad as they used to be.

    But given the choice, i would go fluff everytime. My Ork list for example is mainly boyz in truks and does pretty well. There isn't anything amazing in it but I play it the way it's supposed to be played, mount up and charge. Blow the wagons up and its buggered,don't blow them up and you are dead.