1 Feb 2011

The Dawn Of Aces

Gambit Games UK is proud to announce our first full day tournament for Wings of War. In the past we've run Wings campaigns, spanning a couple of months with all comers able to jump in at any point, 'The Dawn of Aces' however, will be the first time we've led a full campaign in one day!

The day will consist of entrants being split into the two opposing factions of the first world war; The Triple Entente (The Good Guys) verses The Central Powers (Boo-Hisss). Each faction will be briefed for the days events and the rules of the game (allowing any experience of wings player to enter). There will be 1 v 1 rounds to determine the factions top flyer's, Pairs duels, bigger team skirmishes and finally the full teams will fight it out (with some secret missions for either side, that if complete will earn the team and the pilot extra points).

Finally when the dust clears, the leading aces will be rewarded with prizes.

There will be refreshments available from the canteen and there will be a club day on as well, for all those who want to carry on shooting Tyranids with Lascannons :D

If your interested in 'The Dawn Of Aces', there are unfortunately limited places, '16', tickets are going on sale this evening at Kids Dreams, and online shortly after. The Tickets are £15, but include your very own 'take home-able' plane, complete with movement deck!

See you all soon,

Olly of Team Gambit

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  1. I've asked for the day off and I'm really looking forward to this!

    Love the poster as well