1 Feb 2011

Last Week at Gambit

Sorry its a little late this week, but I have been recovering from an excellent gaming Sunday! One of the busiest we have ever had and a great way to celebrate our clubs birthday and get the gaming year started. I will post more information about the weekend later, for now however here is a summary of what happened at our weekly clubs.

Both the seniors and our young guns continued with their Necromunda campaigns. On Tuesday night Pete's Custom Van Saar and Rob's Unpainted Ladies got things started. During the evening Pete rolled an amazing 1,2,3,4,5,6 on six dice and thought his luck might be in and laid down a challenge to Barry, there followed a hard fight that saw Pete's luck change and cost him his leader.

Also on the Tuesday night there were several games of MTG and a game of 'Settlers of Catan' which is a relative new comer to our selection of games on offer! In the picture it shows John on 4 Victory points, Dave on 2 but was heading for largest army, with the knight cards in front of him, Largest army would give him an additional 2(?) points. Nathan is on 8 Victory points because he has longest road, but the robber has cut of one of his best resources Olly is on 6 V.P. Nathan was the eventual winner.

At Young Guns this week the Olivers Law Keepers returned after a week way and quickly set about reclaiming the top spot in the campaign. A really aggressive tactic saw Sergeant Bilko and the Cyber Mastiff charge into Marks Gang on mass, whilst the rest of the enforcers laid down covering fire. The strike was quick but very effective and resulted in Marks gang leader developing a bitter rivalry to the enforcers. The Infected also did well, there new leader Head Shot keen to prove himself after Plague Master had died last week, after the battle he found a rare item for trade, something that should keep him at the top of his gang, keeping of challenges from friend or foe alike - A POWER AXE!!!


1242 Olivers Law Keepers

1218 The Infected

1195 The Sewer Runners

1187 The Marque

1168 James

1064 Oli's Orlocks

1058 Marks Gang

The young guns also played a few rounds of 'Zombies' a Warhammer 40K scenario that they have created themselves, as well as several games of MTG in preparation for the weekend pre-release.

Clubs this Week:

Tuesday Young Guns (12+) after school 3:30pm til 5:30pm

Tuesday Night Gambit (16+) 7:00pm til late
*** This week the necromunda campaign continues as well as 40k and MTG) ***

Wednesday Young Guns (10+) after school 3:30pm til 5:30pm

Thursday Young Guns (Painting and Modeling) after school 3:30pm til 5:30pm

If you are interested in coming to any of our clubs then send an email to gambitgamesuk@gmail.com.

Gary of Team Gambit

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