21 Feb 2011

Initial Reports

Hello and welcome to my first attempt at a Necromunda battle report. Apologies go out now for a lack of pictures but hopefully, enough will be conveyed in this report.

This encounter saw Gary’s West Side Boys (House Orlock) engage Olly’s Apostles (House Cawdor).This particular scenario was a gang-fight and Gary deployed his gang on the right side of the table and then won the die roll and chose to go first.

The first turn consisted of Gary moving his Ganger, Shakes, on the left flank to cover his inexperienced Juve, Snyder, who ran out into the open.

Gary’s heavies, Rizzo (heavy stubber) and Marcano (grenade launcher), go into hiding in elevated positions at the back of his deployment zone.

The rest of the West Side Boys advanced down the centre of the battlefield.

In response, Olly ran his two Gangers, Heavy and Juve down his left flank and took up position behind a building.

The Juve on his right flank advances to the second floor of a long narrow building which provides a good view of any advances across the road.

The central squad, consisting of Olly’s leader, Ganger and second Heavy advance to a doorway and lie in wait.

Turn two saw Snyder and Shakes run into a building on the left flank with Snyder poised in the doorway and Shakes at a window providing cover.

Another ganger, Lucky, ascends to the second floor above Sully whilst Rizzo goes onto over-watch with his heavy stubber trained on any advancing Apostles on Gary’s right flank.

One of the West Side Boys’ Gangers, Sully, moves into position in the centre of the map and gets a clear shot at an Apostle Heavy who wasn’t quite in cover. At near maximum range for a Lasgun at 23” the shot hits, wounds and takes the Heavy out of action!

Although disheartened by this sudden loss, the Apostles battle on. Three gangers and a Juve advance past the fallen Heavy and take refuge in a fortified building on the centre-left of the map.

In the meantime, the Juve in the building on the right flank moves to furthest window on the right.

Two Gangers then seek retribution on Sully which results in him being pinned by Lasgun fire.

Turn Three witnessed a lot of movement from the West Side Boys. On the left flank, Shakes climbed a level to cover Snyder whose recklessness continued by running out into the open.

In the centre, Sully crawled into cover whilst Lucky moved to the far edge of his cover on the Second floor.

Juve Christo also moved out into the open, fluffed the shot and expended all of his ammo for his Laspistol in the process.

The Apostles began to move again on the left but alerted Rizzo who opened fire with his Heavy Stubber resulting in an Apostle Ganger being downed at the expense of a failed ammo roll.

The same was true for Marcano who fired an over-watch grenade at the Juve in the Second storey window on the Apostles right flank. The grenade missed, scattered, landed directly in front of the reckless Snyder and also ran out of ammo.

With the West Side Boys Heavies both out of ammunition, the Apostles decided to strike back. The Heavy situated on the second storey in the centre lay down a hail of bullets which, ironically, took Lucky out of the game.

Snyder had better fortune, dodging shots from both a Ganger and a Juve.

The Ganger on the left flank remained downed from the shots inflicted from the Heavy Stubber.

The fourth and final turn was action packed and saw Carillo, the Leader of the West Side Boys, burst through a door to support Juve Christo and Ganger Riley in a charge on an Apostle Juve. Unfortunately, Christo did not reach his target, falling an inch short of close combat. This left the work to Reilly who scored three hits but no wounds whilst Carillo assisted by downing a Shotgun wielding Ganger.

Although the West Side Boys Heavies had expended their primary weapon ammo they each carried Lasguns for backup.

Whilst Rizzo’s shot missed its target, Marcano succeeded in knocking the remaining Apostle Heavy from the Second Storey window in the centre of the map, resulting in a -1 weapon skill despite passing an initiative test to stand up after the fall.

The Apostles responded with a torrent of holy fire. The Leader of the Apostles burst from his fortified position to down Carillo with flames. The Juve on the right flank unleashed fire from a hand flamer on Snyder whilst the dazed Heavy scored hits from his Heavy Stubber. Both inflicted wounds.

Unfortunately, the West Side Boys had to bottle due to external events, bringing the gang-fight to an end.

Olly’s Heavy and Juve fully recovered but his downed Ganger received an old battle wound which may prevent him from fighting in future engagements.

Gary’s Leader made a full recovery whilst Lucky only lost a finger. Juve Snyder, on the other hand, suffered a chest wound.

John of Team Gambit

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