20 Feb 2011

Mirran vs Phyrexian War

We recently held a Mirran vs Phyrexian War at one of our Tuesday night events. We held the event in the Church Hall and the format was that any player could enter for the faction that they chose as long as their deck was correctly aligned, which meant that it had to contain at least 10 cards specific to their faction and no cards of the other faction.

We had 8 players in total, 4 from each side. The war took the format of one on one matches with the winner of the best of three games claiming a point for their faction. This was repeated for three rounds of combat.
After the single round the score was a surprising 12 - NIL to Mirran. This was in complete contrast to the pre-release in which the Phyrexian faction really stood out as the dominant force!

The next round was two rounds of a three-headed giant game! The Phyrexians did much better in this format and claim the first win very convincingly. The second match however was very close and resulted in the Mirran army winning through from over whelming numbers and use of the 'battle cry' mechanic! The score now stood at 13-1 to Mirran

The final rounds were multi player games. Any player could claim a point for their faction by taking out a player from the opposite army. Although it was now obvious that the Mirran army had seen off the threat of the Phyrexian invaders, the poisonous fiends were still keen to claim some points before the war ended. Again Phyrexian forces started very strong, but in the end a Mirran theme milling ally deck proved two much to deal with and claim all 3 Phyrexian players in the final game of the evening.

The final result was: PHYREXIANS 4, MIRRAN 17

A great evening, even if a little one sided, drew to a close with some casual play, Each Player received a foil promotional Thopter Assembly for taking part!

Gary of Team Gambit

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