7 Feb 2011

This Weeks Tuesday Night Battle Plan

Right, after a busy week for the club ('The Dawn Of Aces' Tournament organisation, Necromunda campaign and gang constructions, New MTG set release and the pre-release tournament) not a lot got posted :( Sorry.

But do not fear, this week, is set to be a fun one. This Tuesday we're going to be convening at the Church Hall (where we do our Sunday games days, BN3 5SN, bottom of Glebe Villas) This means that we are going to have a much bigger night, more from the Necromunda Campaign, in which I am hoping to get my gang involved in the mix, and a Wizards of the Coast endorsed Magic Tournament!!!

The Magic tournament, will be free entry to all those who come along and you'll get at least 1 promo card just for being a part of it! The catch however is that you will have to use a faction aligned deck. This means that it will once again be a battle of good verses evil, Phyrexia verses Mirrodin. The idea we are thinking of for this tournament is that your deck should include a minimum of 10 cards of your chosen faction, everything else can be what ever you want, excluding the other faction of-course.

I hope this gets people motivated once more, and I'll see you in a couple of days.
If anyone needs a bit of help with their deck then stick something on the facebook page and I'm sure we'll come up with some ideas for you, alternatively get there a bit earlier and if time allows, I'll knock your spare cards into something.

Olly, Team Gambit :)

P.S Normal times apply, (6.45-Tiredness sets in)

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