2 Feb 2011

Last Week at Gambit

On Tuesday night our Necromunda Campaign was in full swing, with several battles taking place, as well as quite a lot of casual play MTG and a gameof 40K

'The Regulators' had a tip off as to the where abouts of Victor the leader of Aaron's gang and tried to set an ambush in order to catch this notorious criminal. After a short but brutal gun battle, Aaron's gang made a run for it. The regulators had to settle for Dozzer Aaron's heavy as a prisoner instead. After the battle Aaron's gang found an abandoned Power Maul, probably dropped when O'Folliard had a luck escape after suffering a fall from the top of a 3 storey building, they thought better of keeping it an instead left it behind. McNab who had been instrumental in the capture of Dozzer after some accurate grenade launcher firing, was promoted to sergeant in another precinct leaving 'The Regulators' as a hero. Victor is keen to rescue his fallen colleague and is currently planning a rescue mission.

At the young guns club on Wednesday their Necromunda Campaign continued with the Infected becoming the dominant force in the underhive, all that is keeping them from taking full control is Olivers Law Keepers.

1381 Olivers Law Keepers
1324 The Infected
1195 The Sewer Runners
1180 The Marque
1168 James
1134 Oli's Orlocks
1085 Marks Gang

Gary of Team Gambit

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