25 Mar 2011

The Dawn of Aces - 2 Days to Go!!!!

With only two days before the big day of Gambit Games first ever Wings of War Tournament I though I would give players a quick glimpse of a couple of the planes that they might get included in their ticket price.

As you know the tournament is open for up to 16 players, each will receive a random plane from a random faction, I can now confirm that 8 of these will be single-seater (very manoeuvrable) planes, 4 on each side and 8 will be twin-seater (slower) planes.

Airco D.H.4

For those of you who have played Wings of War at our club before there will be two new mechanics being used at the tournament that you may not be familiar with. These will be briefed in full on the morning of the event, but here is a quick summary of the newer rules:


The planes will use the four plastic height adjusters to show at which level the plane is flying (one adjuster means flying at level 0 and four will mean flying at level 3 which is the highest).

Each plane will have a dive card and a climb card in its manoeuvre deck which it will use to move up and down levels.

Planes can only fire at each other if they are on the same level or one level different! If you are one level different then you may only fire if you are in short range distance but it will count as long range.

RULES for landing, crashing and take off will also be used!


Planes with a rear gunner will have a second fire arc shown on the back of its base! This means that they can fire at two targets each turn!

Any jamming damage is only taken on the gunner that caused the damage!

Damage that would normally wound the pilot for a single-seater plane will only harm the pilot of a two-seater plane if it has the number 3 on it! All other damage will wound the gunner. A wounded gunner can no longer fire their guns

This is just a quick overview of these rules, full details will be given in the briefing at the start of the day - so make sure you do not fall foul of the change in the clocks and arrive late!!!!!


If you have not booked a ticket, and would like to play then please e-mail kidsdreams@sky.com or simply pop in and ask. There are a couple of spaces left,but it is unlikely that you will be able to buy a ticket on the day!

Good luck to all our pilots - tally ho chaps!

Gary of team gambit


  1. Skewiff9:31 pm

    superb tournament - fantastic fun , and excellant team play!

    Again, Again !

  2. Anonymous10:32 pm

    Oliver did a shed load of work making cards and mats, and things. Shame he didn't get more tangible thanks; I thought the club could have bunged him a plane at least.

    Players came to the tournament with different levels of knowledge. At one extreme the guy who knew the rules better than the referees. At the other extreme the guy who expected the briefing to tell him everything he needed to know. Sadly the briefing didn't meet his expectations. Right through the day there were people who didn't understand about climb counters or not playing two steep manouvres in turn. They probably should have lost their games through flying above the ceiling or other illegal manouvres, but their opponents didn't always catch them out. I think this was the Achiles heal of the day.

    It takes the fun away if you feel that the other guy cheated because he didn't know the rules. And it takes the fun away if you feel the other guy took advantage of a rule you didn't know about.