29 Mar 2011

New Phyrexia

The Grand Completion is Achieved


As I suspected, the next set in the Scars of Mirrodin block will be named New Phyrexia as opposed to Mirrodin Pure.

As the preview card indicates, each of the Phyrexian Praetors will be seen in Legendary Creature form and will probably be Mythic Rare. There are also rumours that Karn will be make an appearance in this set. As for Planeswalkers, there is yet to be a Green aligned one for this set as well as a few missing multi-colour walkers.

The final sword of the series will also make an appearance. It will give the equipped creature +2 +2 and protection from Red and from White but its other abilities are yet to be released. Rumours are it will be called 'Sword of War and Peace' or 'Sword of Order and Chaos'.

All Will be One

John of Team Gambit


  1. I hoping for Mirran Pure!!!!

    That said however, I am really looking forward to the last set. The sword will be an obvious highlight - what ever its called!

  2. I still think that Mirradin Pure and New Phyrexia are one in the same...


    The Mirran forces are united finally as one and the phyrexians are splintering. With New colours of mana, Phyrexia fights with different purposes. We shall see what happeneds

  3. Yes, I found 'the infecters have become infected' quite interesting.
    Karn could still potentially return as the leader of the Mirrans. Depends on what Wizards want to do with future sets.