31 Mar 2011

A Day at the Aces

On Sunday 27th March, Gambit Games UK hosted its first Wings of War tournament; the Dawn of Aces.

The first sorties were one on one games that tested the skill of Allied and Central Power pilots. This was followed by wingman games of two on two. Good communication and strategy was essential for a successful return to base in these scenarios.

There then followed a big team game with the objective of shooting down the opposing forces ace. Not an easy task as both aces had rear gunners, thus making the angle of attack difficult.

After tea and crumpets, the afternoon followed the mornings pattern of one on one and wingman games. The second big team sortie involved defending the heavy fighters from the opposing side and then went down to last plane flying.

On the whole, the day went as smoothly as a propeller slicing through air and fun was had by all.
On behalf of the club, I would like to thank:

Baz for organizing and running the event

Pete for all of his efforts leading up to the event

Olly for stepping in at the last minute to help run the event with Baz and for his hard work designing and producing the game boards and props (no pun intended)

Gary for supplying the planes

All those who participated in the tournament

All ground crew who kept the pilots supplied with refreshments throughout the day

If you have any comments or suggestions please leave feedback on this post or email the club.

The next Wings of War tournament isn't scheduled until October where the skies of 1918 Flanders will shift to the deadly skies of 1940 and the Battle of Brighton

John of Team Gambit


  1. It seemed to go ok in the end, with most if not all enjoying the day.
    The eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted in the 'Company Champions' page, that Colin was victorious, leading his German Side into world domination.

  2. I was wondering when that was going to be updated. Congrats to Colin