16 Mar 2011

Battle for the Underhive

Following recent news of the 'Plague Drifters' the gang of Ratskins being spotted in the Underhive, they have become one of the most active gangs in our campaign. After several weeks of heavy fighting in the underhive, with gangs from several different factions all desperate to become the controlling force, we have seen some epic battles, some lasting several turns of tactical positioning, accurate shooting and well timed charges into combat, others ending abruptly before the first turn with a gang bottling it following a brutal hive-quake!

The current standings are:

1. 2031 Plague Drifters (played 11 games)
2. 1924 Knights of Taranis (played 4 games)
3. 1716 West Side Boys (played 4 games)
4. 1589 The Apostles (played 4 games)
5. 1542 Polo's Wenches (played 6 games)
6. 1431 Chris's Gang (played 2 games)
7. 1410 Regulators (played 4 games)
8. 1402 Mike's Gang (played 2 games)
9. 1334 Aaron's Gang (not played yet)

Retired Gangs:

Victors Gang

The campaign continues on Tuesday nights at Kids Dreams and at our Sunday Meeting in Glebe Villas (next date 27th March). For further details e-mail us at gambitgamesuk@gmail.com

In the Young Guns campaign these has been a lot of gang fights taking place and 2 gangs have recently been retired, as well as Olivers Harlequins desperately hanging on despite now only having 5 members.

1. 1518 Kerim's Gang
2. 1398 Jakes Orlocks
3. 1363 Charlies Angels
4. 1283 TheEnforcers
5. 1274 Sewer Runners
6. 1187 The Marque
7. 1168 James Gang
8. 1075 Grouchy Grechin
9. 1058 Marks Gang
10. 660 Olivers Harlequins

Retired Gangs
The Infected
The Original Sewer Runners

The Young Guns meet at Kids Dreams on Wednesdays from 3:30pm until 8:00pm.

Gary of Team Gambit


  1. Has Dave not given in his gang rating? And Canadian Robs gang is yet to set foot in the underhive :D

    More Gangs please :D

  2. My new Gang rating is 2125

  3. aaron8:19 pm

    down with john!!!!

  4. Team Cawdor for the Win!