16 Mar 2011

Gambit Games Uk Deck Building Challenge!

I know we've got a bit on at the moment; The Dawn of Aces Tournament, Necromunda Campaign and the Club Day, but we've been having a bit of a chat and we want to put something together for the Magic Players that no other club can offer.

This is what we came up with....

(Better Logo Soon)
The idea is that once a month there will be a small tournament at Kids Dreams on one of the Tuesday nights. Competitors will only be aloud to play with decks created to fit the specific challenge, it will be completely free to take part and is open to anyone who wants to give it a try.
The Challenge outline will be set at the end of the previous months tournament, and on this blog (there is already a forum topic set up for people to discuss ideas etc of the challenge).
All of the competitors will be expected to have a deck list so that the results can be posted after the tournament. Because all of the results will be logged the person with the most over all challenge wins at the end of the year will be crowned victorious and his/her name will be placed in the Hall of Fame/ Company Champions for all of time.

So it is my honour to announce that the first challenge will be.....

40 Card Pauper!

Pauper, is a deck that contains ONLY commons and basic land. That is a card with a BLACK set symbol or says 'Basic Land' in it's type line.

The restriction of 40 cards is Min and Max, no more no less, making it hopefully easier for everyone to fit together a strategy that works.

The Date of this tournament will be the 29th of March, so after the Wings of War Tour/Game Day, this gives everyone 2 Weeks!

Olly, Team Gambit

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  1. Cool. It will be interesting to see what decks appear. Hmmmm, what to build?