10 Mar 2011

The Grey Knights are on their way!

So as the title alludes, GW has once again decided to revisit a previous idea, revamp, re-cast, re-package, re-codex.....

They've been creating quite a stir amongst the old guard of Gambit, on the Forum we've now got Army lists and a lot of chatter on the Facebook page.



So i thought it best we stick some images up to get them to the rest of the club.
As always clicking on the images will make them bigger, and you can probably get some discount on them from Kids Dreams. For prices and further product information here's the page on the GW site.


Laters, Olly, Team GGUK

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous9:02 am

    2 PAGK boxes, 2 TAGK boxes, 2 DKs, 1 Draico, 1 Termy Librarian, 1 Stormraven.... hmmm a start :)