14 Mar 2011


Magic the Gathering's September 2011 'large set has been announced; Innistrad


At first I thought the artwork was of a vampire but upon a second inspection, it looks like Liliana Vess.

John of Team Gambit


  1. Skewiff5:41 pm

    The forums call it a starter set?

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  3. Yeh, looks like Vess, with the Veil on.

    I wouldn't of thought it'd be a starter set. The starters are normally the core sets (tenth edition, 2010, 2011 most recently), as they're the nuts and bolts of magic, using all the standard abilities and colour traits. From the looks of the announcement, it would be the next expansion, like the Zendikar block and Scars of Mirrodin Blocks, as it is listed as being 1 of 3. The expansions are kind of like the added flavourings of Magic.

    Nice find John-Boy

  4. Sorry that 'removed' was me as i accidentally posted it before finishing my comment, and then i changed what i was saying anyway.