29 Apr 2011

Gauntlet Mark 3.0

Hi All,

As my colleague has previously stated the second deck building challenge happened this Tuesday.
The challenge was to create a 60 Card Singleton deck.

Unfortunately i wasn't able to attend, so i don't know exactly how the evening went, although from the rumours I've heard rustling around the den an forums, it seems to've gone very well and from the list John previously posted we seemed to have a good turn out with some new faces but some absent ones as well.

There has been a couple of good comments about Stuarts 'Difficult' White/Black build, so I'm hoping to get his list and do a proper write up on it, but the applause has to go to Nathan for the win, bagging himself a big 'ALL FOIL' stack of singletons.

So it is once again time to set the next challenge,...

Two-Headed Giant, May 31st

That's right, that is all. There is no abnormal limit on multiples or on rarity, this time it is just about grabbing a team mate and constructing together.
My hopes with this is that it will allow access to greater poles of cards and create decks that people wouldn't have had the parts or maybe the exact idea on their own.
It is still deck building, so i still want to see decks made for the event, no putting in tried and tested favourites just because they work with your partner.

On a slight side note after the May Challenge we will be taking a look over the standings for the over all challenge results, as it'll be at it's quarterly period for the year.

Happy Brewing

Olly, for Team Gambit

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