3 May 2011

Phyrexian Renaissance

With the New Phyrexia pre-release coming up on Sunday 8th May, I thought I'd write about the new mechanics featured in the set and how the pre-release will unfold.

The Phyrexians have emerged victorious in their war against the Mirrans. Those that aren't killed are compleated into a Phyrexian vision of perfection.

As the Phyrexians are now the new masters of Mirrodin, you will not be asked to pick a faction like you had to at the Mirrodin Besieged pre-release. Therefore, only one foil alternate art promo card will be handed out to each player.

Sheoldred, Whispering One is the Praetor that leads the Seven Steel Thanes, the Phyrexian faction associated with Black Mana.
Traditionally, Phyrexia was mono-black but with their 'rebirth' on Mirrodin the infectors have become infected. Phyrexian ideas have now seeped into the other four colours and have changed the interaction between Planeswalkers and mana.

These are Phyrexian mana symbols. The key difference between normal mana symbols is that instead of tapping a permanent to produce the desired colour, you can pay 2 life instead. To see how they work, lets use an example:

Act of Aggression can be cast in three ways:

1. Pay 2 Red mana and 3 mana of any colour

2. Pay 1 Red mana, 2 life and 3 mana of any colour

3. Pay 4 life and 3 mana of any colour

Due to the ability to pay life instead of mana, cards with Phyrexian mana symbols can be placed into a deck that would normally be difficult to construct. Act of Aggression, for example could be put into a mono-white deck. However you cast a spell with a Pyrexian mana symbol it is still affected by card type and colour (Act of Aggression is still a Red spell even if you didn't use red mana to cast it).

At the pre-release, players will be given 3 Scars of Mirrodin boosters and 3 New Phyrexia boosters. Out of these boosters a 40 card minimum deck must be constructed. (Basic lands will be available)

Tickets are on sale now at our club sponsor Kids Dreams so either order a ticket via the website or call in to the store.

Tomorrow I'll be writing about the Chancellors as a mini-mechanic.

The Great Work is Complete and so is this article.

John of the Gambit

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