24 May 2011

40K Doubles

With only a few days to go until the 40K doubles tournament, here is a list of the format for the day for those that are playing. If you have not booked a ticket, there is still time!!!


This competition is to find the best two Generals through their use of two allied forces. Additionally we will be celebrating the skills of exceptional hobbyists and those that embody great sporting behaviour.

Also we expect your Army to be partially painted and based in the appropriate manner.

How It Works

The day will consist of 4 games each lasting 1.5 hours. This includes the warm up period and roster checking. In the first round you will be facing a random opponent, then after these teams will be facing appropriate opponents according to their ranking. If you are drawn against the same opponent in subsequent games please inform the Referees.

You will be given a table for your game. In the warm up period of 5 mins the players must firstly show their opponent their models in the Forces. Players are allowed to ask questions relating to the models and rules that apply to them.

After you have checked the Forces, you will need to agree the terrain and how it will impact on your models and also to discuss any queries with the rules for your models.

Each battle is fought over a 6” x 4” table with fixed scenery, if you are unhappy with the layout please alert a Referee.

The Battlefield conditions used will be generated randomly. They will follow the Warhammer 40,000 rule book from page 90 which will all use the standard Force organisation chart. They will be rolled randomly by the Events Team before each round begins.

Mission: Seize Ground, Capture & Control and Annihilation

Deployment: Pitched Battle, Spearhead and Dawn of War

In some missions objectives are required, so please ensure you have up to 5 objective markers or counters. They should be modelled on a maximum size of a 40mm round base. They do not have any effects on the terrain at all.

Army Roster

When you arrive you must have with you 2 copies of your roster with your team Name, your names and your Ticket Number which must be legible, preferably typed. We will accept Army Builder print outs, however you must check they are legal with the relevant Army Codex. All Rosters will be checked by the Events Team during the day.

Should any error in the Roster be detected then the appropriate players may call a referee and, if the error is verified, the Roster Penalty will be applied.

Any changes made to the Roster without informing the Referee may result in action taken against you.

Selecting Your Army

The following will be the list of Codex’s we will allow and must be in print currently:

Black Templars, Blood Angels, Chaos Daemons, Chaos Space Marines, Orks, Grey Knights, Dark Angels, Dark Eldar, Imperial Guard, Necrons, Space Marine, Space Wolves, Tau Empire, Tyranids & Witch Hunters.

Army Construction

You must follow the standard force organisation chart for creating your army. In the Doubles Tournament Army it will consist of two 750 point Forces making a 1500 point Army.

· 2 Forces of no more than 750 points each. You are not allowed to transfer unused points between the forces.
· Each Player must provide 1 HQ and 1 Troop unit as a basis of their individual force.
· Players may then add one of each of these unit types to their combined Army; 1 Elite, 1 Fast Attack & 1 Heavy Support.
· An Army cannot include further Elite, Fast Attack or Heavy Support choices until it fulfils all the above selections

Please remember to bring all your rulebooks, codex’s, dice, tape measures pens, pencils with you to the tournament.

Who Wins the Tournament?

After each of the games played you must record the following on the results card;

· Result of the Game (Win, Lose, Draw or Concede)
· The number of Victory Points both you and your opponents have scored.
· The number of Kill Points/Objectives taken by both you and your opponent.

Your team will be ranked by Tournament Points, if there is a tie, and then players will be ranked by Victory Points and then by Kill Points/Objectives achieved.

Win - 30 Points
Draw - 10 Points
Loss - 1 Point
Concede - 0 Points


We will be giving the following awards out for the following:

· Best General – A trophy for winning the overall event
· Second Place – A Certificate for the players who come second
· Third Place – A Certificate for the players that come Third

We may also give an award for best army and the voting will consist of the following:

· The judges will pick 3 armies (which have been personally painted by the players as indicated on their registration form)
· You will be invited to vote for the best army


Start Time End Time Task

9.00 - 9:30 Registration s
9.30 - 11.00 Game One
11.00 - 11.15 Break
11.15 - 12.45 Game Two
12.45 - 13.30 Lunch (Armies to be set up for Best Army Judging)
13.30 - 15.00 Game Three
15.00 - 15.15 Break
15:15 - 16:45 Game Four
16.45 -17.00 Results finalisation
17:00 - 17.30 Awards

Situations may arise that these times may need to be altered during the course of the day.

Gary of Team Gambit

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