25 May 2011

Opening Games of the Season

Last night our new bloodbowl league saw its first two matches played!

The 'Naggaroth Starstealers' faced the 'Small Order' and 'Averland Avengers' took on the 'Beefy Babes'.

The dark elf team (Stealers) and the dwarf players from the 'Small Order' seem well matched during a hard fought first half. Each team not able to progress the ball far from the centre line, saw a mass brawl to try and break free. The Stealers felt the brute force of the well armoured dwarves and their witch elf 'Rebe Darkdash' was knocked out and one of the runners 'Zemti Taligrowl' became badly hurt missing the rest of the game and is unlikely to be fit for the next match! The first half finished 0-0. The second half was a completely different story! The Small Order took advantage of a high kick and being one player better off and scored a quick touch down. The Stealers had again suffer a few casualties, 'Darkdash' who had been knocked out in the first half becam badly hurt along with 'Udolf Ashfall'. The Stealers tried to come back into the game by making a run down the sideline, but hesitated a bit to long, trying to dodge free from the dwarves, the ball was lost and the 'Small Order' scored an easy second! Final score 2-0

In the second game the 'Beefy Babes' played aggressively causing 4 casualties and scoring 2 touchdowns to win with an impressive 2-0 against 'Averland Avengers'

The season will continue with matches due to be played on Sunday 29th May at our games day!

Its not too late to play as the season has just started, if you want to join in the fun simply come along on Sunday with a team and sign up for you first game! Maybe your team could win the trophy!

League table will be published on the 'Rankings' page and will be update after each match!

Gary of Team Gambit

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