12 May 2011

Off the Top

With New Phyrexia being released tomorrow and with the clubs recent 'pauper' tournament in mind, I thought I would give my top 10 commons from the newest set.

Red 'aggro' decks just got a new pet. Dealing a potential 4 damage on turn 2 just speeds up the aggressiveness of this deck build.

8. Two Black Mana to get rid of an opponents creature appears reasonable. The fact that it can get rid of creatures with protection from Black adds insult to injury. Them then losing 1 life is just plain rude.

A 5/4 with trample for 4 Mana and 4 life is a pretty good common. The ability to stick it into any deck could encourage mono-red players to add this beast to their decks. The only problem is that it is more susceptible to removal as it is an artifact creature.

Protection is a powerful ability in Magic and life in general. It's an instant that can be cast for 1 Mana and gives you the choice of a colour or colourless seems good. Granted, if they cast lightning bolt on a creature and you pay 2 life that seems like a loss. (The artwork is also amazing)

A 'free' spell that allows you to see what your opponent can, or can't, do is great value. The fact that it draws you a card to potentially deal with what they have just increases said value.

The good thing about this little artifact is that it gives you choice. Dealing four damage to an artifact creature is all well and good but removing counters from a Lux Canon is also pretty nice.

Three damage from a Red instant sounds familiar but the proliferation adds a little more fun. Potentially adding a loyalty counter to Chandra or Koth whilst damaging your opponent or one of their Planeswalkers should have a big impact on a game. (Plus if the rumoured mythic dragon from 2012 is real then this card becomes even better)

The only creature with infect for 1 Mana has to rank pretty highly for any Phyrexian minded players out there. Turn two/three kills could become more common when combined with my next pick.

This card follows on from Glistener Elf as the main use of this card will most likely involve infect. 2 life to land extra poison counters on to your opponent seems reasonable. The ability to cast it for 'free' means that your opponent will have to think carefully before declaring attackers/blockers.

Two Mana and 2 life for a 3/1 with first strike; what more needs to be said!

John of Team Gambit

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