16 May 2011

Launch Party

Gambit Games will be hosting a New Phyrexia Launch Party on Tuesday 17th May at Kids Dreams Boundary Road Hove. Start time 7:30pm!

Each player will receive a Phyrexian Metamorph just for attending whilst the top four players will get a Thopter Assembly. Both cards are foil alternate art versions.

The format for the evening will be a Booster Bash.

Booster Bash is a simple and fun format that encourages players to use cards they may not normally use. This is how it operates:

Each player will receive One New Phyrexia booster upon paying £2.50, remove the Land and Token cards, insert 3 of each basic land card, shuffle and play.

Players may wish to purchase a 'replacement' booster if they are unhappy with the contents of the original. All boosters will be charged at £2.50.

If you want to participate in a fun and friendly tournament then feel free to come along.

Team Gambit

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