18 May 2011

Shuffle, Endeavour

Here are the results of last nights Booster Bash Launch Party (which coincides with the final launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour, hence the name of this article):

1st Place - John Herring

2: Andrew Haddow
3: Nathan Minter
4: Dan Martin
5: David Sanders
6: Nick Lewis
7: Colin Caplin
8: Gavin Scott
9: Olly James
10: James Haddow

Here's what I opened:

Rare - Puresteel Paladin.

Uncommons - Alloy Myr, Brutalizer Exarch, Whispering Specter.

Commons - Blinding Souleater, Chained Throatseeker, Glissa's Scorn, Glistener Elf, Mortis Dogs, Numbing Dose, Parasitic Implant, Sensor Splicer, Shriek Raptor and Volt Charge.

I was lucky in the sense that this is quite a controlling booster. Blinding Souleater proved really useful as the ability to tap an opponents only attacker/blocker helped me swing for extra damage. It also bought me a few extra turns to find what I needed whilst the other 'support' cards either removed or neutralized threats.

Having two flying infecters was how I won most of my games. If I needed a 'finisher' I could use Brutalizer Exarch's first ability to search up Chained Throatseeker.

Alloy Myr allowed me to tap for any missing Mana; which is an important factor in booster bash.

I'd like to thank all those who participated in what was a fun and interesting evening.

The club will be hosting a New Phyrexia game day, the theme of which will be block 'faction' constructed. More details to come . . .


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  1. Shame i had to miss the first half of the night, had a good laugh whilst i was there. O