3 Jun 2011

40K Doubles Tournament - The Result

On Saturday 28th May Gambit Games held its second Warhammer 40K Doubles Tournament. Unfortunately Gareth and Aaron were not able to defend their title, so we knew from the off that we would have two new company champions when we finished.

We had several teams, of varying ages, abilities, experience and armies. We had Blood Angels, Sisters of Battle, Tau Empire, Imperial Guard, Space Wolves, Grey Knights and Space Marines all represented. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day and several of the games were very closely contested.

Highlight of the day for me, but probably not for Jeremy and Rob was a Tau fire warrior destroying a blood angels dreadnaught in close combat!!!

Highest placed of the under 16s teams were Charlie and James with a joint army of orks, who managed to acquired 9 objectives/kill points through out the day, pushing in front of Alex and Sam and Jack and Washington all of whom scored 1 win, 1 draw and 2 loses.

Jeremy and Rob had two wins, one draw and a lose which pushed them just outside the top two! Colin and Matt won 3 games during the day losing only to the eventual winners scoring a total of 91 points to come second! Although they did win the award for best army for their Space Wolf and Grey Knight force.

Our eventual winners; winning all of their games, claiming an impressive 17 objective/kill points and accruing a massive 4467 victory points were ..... Michael and Chris with a killer combination of Blood Angels and Sisters of Battle.

To see our current 40k rankings please look at the Player Rankings Page

Thanks to everyone for what was a really enjoyable tournament to run and made for a good way to spend my 40th birthday!

Hope to see everyone in the Singles in October!

Gary of Team Gambit

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