3 Jun 2011

Blood Bowl News Update

The Blood bowl season is now well underway! All matches have been played for the first round, leaving 4 teams on 3 points and 4 on 0 points.

In the last game of the first round, Colin's Ork team 'Kill Em All!" tried to live up to its name against the league new comers 'Mike's Girls'. However only the blitzer 'Shrex' actually managed to hurt anyone, but with both 'Orog Luk' and 'Faff Taff' scoring touchdowns 'Kill Em All' won 2-0.This means that every game of the first round has finished 2-0!!!!

Have a look under the player rankings page for the current league table.

The matches for the next round have been drawn and are as follows:

Beefy Babes v Kill Em All
Axylotl 49ers v Small Order
Averland Avengers v Mike's Girls
Polo's Very Naughty Boys v Naggaroth Starstealers

All games need to have been completed by Sunday 3rd July at the latest.

Gary of Team Gambit

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